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Which Ebike Accessories are Right For You?

An ebike is undoubtedly great, and it provides a greener, healthier way to get from A to B. But do you know what’s even better? A fully tricked-out ebike. We’ll help you get started by determining which ebike accessories are right for you.

Which Ebike Accessories are Right For You? The 4 Rider Personas

1. The Commuter

Because ebikes are a great way to reduce our carbon footprint, they’re perfect for daily commuting. If you’re looking for a way to beat traffic and fuel your body with endorphins before work, you can equip your Blix for exactly that.

Compatible with all Blix models, the rear rack can equip up to two Smart Pannier Bags or a City Tote. The durable, water-resistant canvas and laptop sleeve will keep your belongings safe during the morning rush.

Once you reach the office, the pannier bags and tote can become stylish cross-body bags. The tote can also transform into an over-shoulder bag with a detachable strap.

Worried about how your ride might interfere with your morning cup of coffee? Don’t.

The Front Basket mounts directly to your headtube and is stabilized while you turn. You’ll never have to worry about spilled drinks, but you do have to make a styling decision—because this basket comes in 6 different colors.

For another type of commuter, the foldable Vika+ makes it easy to go between car, bus, train, and ebike. Providing even more convenience and versatility, the Vika+ can easily be stored or carried in the Vika Carrying Bag, which can attach to the ebike’s rear carrier while not being used.

With all of these accessories, you’ll probably wonder why you ever drove a car to work.

2. The Adventurer

If you spend more time outdoors than in and are no stranger to scraped knees and hiking trails, then you probably want accessories to match your adventurous spirit.

Whether you’re bringing clothes and hiking boots along for a day-long adventure, or need essentials for a weekend in the wilderness, the Top Rack Bag has your back.

It’s compatible with the Aveny, Sol, and VIka+ and has multiple secure zipper pouches for easy access to your binoculars or trail mix.

Adventure calling your name yet?

3. The Taxi Service

The Packa is Blix’s solution to minivans and gas-guzzling SUVs. It makes it easy for the entire family to ride together. It has a powerful motor to match those heavier loads and can be equipped with accessories for anyone who uses theirs to transport human cargo.

Perfect for all soccer moms and dads, the VIP Section keeps little ones safe and secure as you head to the game or school drop-off. It’ll support kids from 5-10 years old and can be paired with Rear Rack Cushions for a comfier ride. Blix Running Boards will help keep “feet inside the ride at all times” too.

Capable of handling adult passengers, the fat-tired Ultra can also come in handy. Equipped with the Ultra Rear Rack, it can carry up to 150 pounds of passengers or cargo.

The Passenger Foot Pegs will keep feet where they need to be, while the Ultra Mesh Rear Wheel Guards will stop flowy skirts or curious fingers from getting caught in the spokes. To prevent you or your passengers from ending up with a dirt-splattered backside, the Ultra Fenders will put a barrier between you and any terrain you encounter.

4. The Errand-Runner

Sometimes, it helps to have a little motivation to cross that trip to the post office off the to-do list. An enjoyable ride on your ebike can be exactly that.

You can go shopping in style on your Sol cruiser, which can be protected with durable Sol Eclipse Fenders. They not only look great, but also protect the ebike from dirt and water. Add the versatile Sol Eclipse Rear Rack, and you’ve got a base that can be equipped with bags and baskets.

When the grocery store or farmers’ market is calling your name, the Blix Large Basket helps you haul what you need. It can go on the front or rear rack of any Blix model and can securely hold anything from organic eggs to a locally-grown watermelon.

You can also equip your Blix with a Front Rack and Platform. It’s where all of those more awkwardly-shaped items can fit, like coolers or piping hot pizzas.

And to assist you out with post-ride carrying, the Everyday Bag is another multi-purpose and water-resistant tote that transforms into a stylish cross-body bag.

With these awesome accessories, you might find yourself actually feeling excited about running errands.

These Accessories are for YOU

The Blix rider community is at the heart of everything we do. We design all of our ebikes and their accompanying accessories to make your life easier and more fun. We want to help you keep moving forward, and we hope your accessorized ebike does just that.