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How to Accomplish Your New Year’s Sustainability Goals

January 10, 2023

What better time than the new year to launch a new sustainability and transformation plan? If you’re ready to ring in 2023 with goals to support a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, Blix can help. We’ve put together five tips to help you accomplish your 2023 sustainability goals.

5 Tips to Help You Accomplish Your New Year’s Sustainability Goals

1. Start with Simple Swaps

Instead of overambitious plans to go zero waste, install solar panels, and adopt a vegan diet, stick with achievable sustainability tips.

Trade plastic water bottles for a reusable one, swap your car for the commuter-friendly Aveny, or car-replacer Packa, install LED light bulbs, try shampoo and conditioner bars, or have a reusable bag at all times.

woman with packa bike

2. Celebrate Small Wins

As Anne Marie Bonneau from Zero Waste Chef said, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself still using straws or ordering styrofoam-packaged takeout. Instead, celebrate the sustainability improvements you can make—regardless of how seemingly “insignificant.”

3. Vote For the Planet

Combating climate change requires individual action, but much must be done at a higher level. Make your voice heard.

Stay in the know about sustainability issues in your community and those that happen at a national level. Be sure to get out and vote—not just once every four years, but in smaller local elections, too.

vote sticker

4. Recruit Friends & Family

As with anything, the support of other people can make your sustainability goals more achievable.

You can invite friends for Meatless Monday meals or help at local clean-up together. Consider hosting a regular clothing swap or passing down things like furniture and children’s toys.

Take a loved one for a ride on your Dubbel so they can experience one of the most exciting trends of eco-friendly transportation firsthand!

5. Stay Inspired

To stay motivated as you power through your sustainability goals, stay up to date on environment-related news and advice.

Between books, documentaries, blogs, and social media influencers, there are many ways to stay connected to the environmental movement. And a lot of it is available at our fingertips!

man on dubbel bike

Cheers to a Better You and Healthier Planet

We commend you on taking steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Blix will be here to provide the ebikes and inspiration to keep you moving forward.