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Which Ebike Accessories Are Right for You? Winter Edition

Once you’ve considered if it’s safe to ride your bike in the winter, you can optimize it to meet your needs. There are accessories that can make each winter ride more comfortable and convenient. We’ve put together 7 of our favorite winter ebike accessories.

7 Ebike Accessories for the Winter

1. Windstopper Balaclava

To combat the frigid winds on your ride, there’s nothing better than a balaclava. It will keep your neck, face, and head warm.

Look for a balaclava with windstopper fabric to keep body warmth inside and mesh vents at the mouth and nose that won’t impair breathability.

2. Smart Pannier Bag

When all of the winter layers have to come off at work or school, they can be stored in a Smart Pannier Bag. The bag securely clips onto the rear rack of all Blix models and features a protective laptop sleeve.

Made of water-resistant canvas, you won’t have to worry about your stored goods getting wet with winter’s slush and snow.

3. Protective Fenders

Durable aluminum or plastic fenders for the Sol Eclipse and Ultra will protect you from salt and other grime as you navigate roads this winter. They’re lightweight and easy to mount. As an added bonus, the fenders will make your ebike look even more stylish.

4. Cold Weather Cycling Beanie

Typically made of lightweight stretch fabric, a cold weather cycling beanie will fit seamlessly underneath a helmet. The breathable design prevents cold winds from chilling your ears while trapping your body heat in.

5. Front Basket

There’s no more satisfying way to warm up for a winter ride than with a cup of coffee or tea. So why not bring it with you? Compatible with all Blix models, the Front Basket has a dedicated holder for a drink. Keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours in your Blix Insulated Tumbler (which fits perfectly in the basket), and get ready to make winter your new favorite cycling season.

6. Waterproof Cycling Gloves

Cold, wet hands are a winter cyclist’s worst nightmare. But preventing them is easy. A solid pair of waterproof, cold-weather cycling gloves will do the trick. We’d suggest those with a warm fleece interior and water-resistant, windproof membrane.

7. Cold Weather Bike Helmet

With the potential of slipping and sliding, cycling in winter can be more dangerous than during the warmer months. A helmet specifically designed for cold weather can provide more rear and side protection and additional padding. In most cases, it’ll keep your head warmer, too.

Cycling in a Winter Wonderland

If you plan to make cycling a healthy holiday habit, we hope this list of winter ebike accessories was helpful. With the right bags, baskets, and cold weather gear, your rides this season may become your best yet.