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3 Ebike Myths & Why You Should Stop Believing Them

January 10, 2023

There are some common myths surrounding electric bikes, and they’re not as difficult to operate or environmentally intensive as you may believe. To help you know what to expect when buying your first ebike, we’ll break down three common ebike myths.

3 Ebike Myths, Dispelled

1. Ebikes are only for seasoned cyclists

Even if you haven’t ridden a bicycle since it had training wheels on it, an ebike can quickly become your new favorite mode of transportation. In fact, they’re designed for riders of all shapes and ability levels.

Take the Sol, for example. Its low, step-through frame is perfect for those with mobility issues. With wide, swept-back handlebars, there’s no need for excessive (and uncomfortable) bending.

If you never thought you’d participate in your employer’s “Ride to Work Day,” the Aveny is here to prove you wrong. It makes getting from A-to-B easier for riders of any ability level.

Then there’s the Vika+—recently voted by Women’s World as one of the best folding bikes for women. Other women in the Blix community agree, saying that the Vika+ is easy to handle, ride, and store.

woman on sol bike

2. Ebikes can’t be used for exercise

Just because ebikes are well-suited for those who don’t identify themselves as “cyclists,” it doesn’t mean they don’t serve as an excellent source of exercise. With bikes like the Blix Ultra, bicycle enthusiasts can use an ebike for on-road use or off-road adventures—on any terrain.

Thanks to an ebike’s PAS (Pedal Assist System), you can opt for a decent workout or get support to tackle hills or longer rides. Just ask Blix rider Karen, who’s extended the length and number of hills of her rides—all thanks to the PAS.

3. Ebikes are bad for the environment

Are ebikes really more sustainable? You bet. While people often look to their production as a significant source of carbon emissions, an ebike compensates for the impact of its lithium-ion batteries over time.

One of the greenest ways to get around, an electric bike emits zero emissions while being ridden. Because you won’t build up as much of an appetite on your ride, there’s an argument that they’re even greener than conventional bicycles!

man on ultra bike

Debunk More Myths About Ebikes

In addition to being a more sustainable, beginner-friendly mode of transportation (and exercise), there are other ebike myths that can be debunked. Ready to dispel some other ebike myths yourself? Give Blix a try.