June 27, 2017

When you're living a car lifestyle, it's easy to let summer slip through your fingers. But when you ride your bike everywhere you are experiencing the change of the season in the air. Watching the flowers blossom, seeing everyone emerge from their winter shells, and riding around town as the sun dips lower into the sky while the air remains warm are all a part of what makes summer so great. So get out there on your ebikes and experience the days of the summer.  

The weather is ideal

In the winter it's easy to make excuses about why you're opting out of riding around. However, the summertime offers the best weather for you to get in the groove of ebiking. For starters, your warm sunny morning commutes certainly won't put you in a bad mood. Instead of driving to work daydreaming about being able to enjoy the weather- you actually can. And on the way home, you'll be able to enjoy the sweet summer air as ride off the day.

Vitamin D 

Part of the reason we as humans have such a strong positive connection with summer is the amount of sun we get. Summer is quite literally a time of recharge for us, a time for us to get as much Vitamin D as we can. Even more ideal, most commutes are around 20 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time we need sun exposure to get benefits from sunrays. 

It's the perfect date

It's scientifically supported that experiencing new things with someone helps to reinforce your bond and connection with them. Hopping on your ebike will help create those strong bonds making for some even better summer lovin'. 

It's great exercise 

When it begins to heat up outside, it can be hard to fathom the idea putting in the work of biking around. Which is why ebiking is so great in the summer. It eliminates that extra exertion, still giving you a great workout without all the sweat. 

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