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5 Reasons to Travel by Bike this Memorial Day!

May 24, 2018

A record 41.5 million Americans will be traveling this Memorial Day weekend. As with all major holidays, many of us will have to put up with hiked gas prices, crowded roads, and delayed flights.

Take a new approach for this 3-day weekend holiday! Avoid the drama and save some money with our 5 reasons to ditch the travel plans this Memorial Day.

1) You don’t have to travel to explore - First things first, you don't have to leave town to experience new things.  A quick web search will reveal that there are tons of blogs and websites that list the hidden gems every city has to offer. Hop on your electric bike and take to the streets, see your city through a different lens and appreciate the little things that you don't have the time to appreciate when you are rushing to work or picking up the kids from school.

2) Save Money -  Traveling is awesome, but it's expensive especially when you are traveling at a peak time like Memorial weekend. Gas prices are set to be at the highest since 2014. While plane tickets might be cheaper than last year, that's just for the ticket which is great if you are a master of traveling light, but once you add some luggage onto that ticket, it's a different story. By staycationing the hectic travel days and saving your travel for a more unsuspecting date you can save big!

3) Save Time - 36.6 of the 41.5 million Americans traveling this weekend will be doing so by car. That many people on the road at one time means that your journey could take you twice the time it should according to AAA. If you are in the minority and are choosing to travel by plane, then brace yourself for hour-long delays and most major airports. Thinking about staying home yet?

4) Destress and Rejuvenate - Isn't the point of vacations to relax and reset to give yourself a little break from the daily grind of rush hour, work, and stress? One of the best things about the major holidays is that most people leave and your town quietens down slightly ( depending on where you call home! ).  That means the tennis court down the street might have a court free for once. The streets won't be as busy, you can take your time and enjoy the place you call home. 

5) Enjoy Yourself - Last but not least, because we don't get as many days off a year as we would like, it is important to make the most of every minute. Take a long bike ride, enjoy the long weekend and savor every moment!


If you choose to staycation with your Blix Bike this Memorial Day don't forget to share your photos with us! 

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