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Spend your Tax Return Wisely, Invest in a Blix!

April 17, 2018

So its a couple of days later than usual, but taxes are due today. However, let's look to the bright side -- tax returns are next!

If you are due a tax refund it usually takes the IRS about 21 days or less to process your tax returns. This gives you just the right amount of time to do your research and invest your money wisely! 

Electric bikes have been making headlines for the past couple of months. From the Mayor of New York overturning the ban on e-bikes due to the overwhelming benefits they provide for commuters to one of the most successful companies, UBER entering the electric bike space, the future looks bright for this innovative and fun transportation method.

If you are looking for a smart (and fun) way to spend your refund, invest in a Blix.

Blix gives you more ways to gain with your e-Bike investment. With a Blix bike, there are no hidden costs. Included on almost every model is a rear rack, bell, fenders, lights, kickstand, stylish comfortable seat, grips and a 3-year warranty to guarantee you peace of mind.  We also provide free shipping and convenient finance options because we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to join the electric bike revolution!

E-biking to work is becoming more and more popular; explore your city better with an electric bike, sneak in some exercise, save time & money with your Blix  bike.



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