The Electric Revolution is Here with eBikes

March 11, 2017

The Electric Revolution is Here with eBikes

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway, with more electric vehicles on the roads that ever before. Global sales of highway legal plug-in electric passenger cars and light utility vehicles reached the one million unit milestone in September 2015, and achieved two million in December 2016, according to

Electric bikes are also part of this electric-powered renaissance, with sales of electric bicycles, or “eBikes”, increasingly worldwide. In 2016, the Asia Pacific Asia Pacific region saw sales of 32.8 million electric bikes, while Western Europe had 1.6 million and North America had 152 thousand sales, according to Navigant. By 2050 there are expected to be 2 billion electric bikes in operation according to the Electric Bike Worldwide Report.

The move toward electric powered transportation, rather than gasoline-powered vehicles, is part of a worldwide movement toward using a more sustainable means of getting around. As is well detailed by climate change scientists throughout the world, carbon monoxide produced by burning oil produces air pollution that is detrimental to our health and are causing climate change.

Yet now we have the opportunity to decrease our fossil fuel consumption through using electric vehicles, including electric bikes. Electric bikes allow riders to ride up to 60 miles in some instances on a single charge - and that’s without using pedal power. Because of this, electric bikes are a great way to commute to work, run errands, visit a friend or simply to be outside seeing the world.

At Blix Bikes, we’re even seeing hotels and delivery services use electric bikes rather than cars. The people who ride our electric bicycles often wonder why they didn’t do so sooner, since electric bikes are fun, easy to ride, allow people to tackle big hills and offer a fun alternative to getting around.

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