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Kristine Conquers Winter With Blix

January 09, 2019

When Kristine rode her Blix Vika Travel for the first time she couldn't help but smile! For this month's Blix rider story, we are happy to share Kristine's experience adding an electric bike to her lifestyle. From meeting with our local Blix dealer, BEST Electric bikes, to finding a way to get outdoors regardless of weather or physical limitations, Kristine describes the joy she has found the last few months on her Blix Bike.


Kristine shares that she is "an older rider with a balance issue," making a traditional bike too difficult to ride. However, with her Blix electric bike she "can ride up hills, on local trails, in [her] neighborhood and in campgrounds!" An electric bike has allowed her to enjoy staying active as well as provided an opportunity to continue doing something she loves as she ages.

Moreover, it did not require much time for Kristine to fall in love with her Blix Bike. She describes how she learned about Blix Bikes below:

"What an amazing experience! We walked in the door knowing nothing and left with a wealth of information and an understnding of what we needed. It did not take long for us to decide on a Blix!"

Kristine was able to meet with our local Blix dealer BEST electric bikes and work with Dusty. She found Dusty to have a "great depth of knowledge" and he "really listens to individual needs." She "highly recommends BEST electric bikes!" We are grateful Kristine was able to work with one of dealers.

However, the best perk of her Blix Vika Travel is that she "can easily fold up the bike, tuck it in [her] camper or Pilot." She can ride through her community bike trails in the parks or along the light rail. Her Vika Travel "has opened another way to exercise and get fresh air, even in December!"


A big thank you to Kristine for sharing her story with us!
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