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David And His Vika+ Florida Adventures

October 25, 2018

David had been searching for an electric bike that best fit his diverse needs. Finally, after "1 1/2 years of online research and store shopping," he found the Blix Vika+. When asked why he chose a Blix Bike over others, David said it was because of the multi-level pedal assist which lets him decide whether he wants a workout or a leisurely ride! While the majority of his time is spent riding his Vika+ around his retirement community in Southwest Florida, David has found so many ways to use his Blix Bike!

David enjoys taking his Vika+ our for leisure rides in Venice, Florida. He says "I enjoy recreational riding on back streets and nearby bike trails, like the Venetian Waterway Park that goes along the Intracoastal Waterway." He also finds the Vika+ to be the perfect bike to "take back and forth between Florida and our cabin in Maine." The pedal assist on the Vika+ helps him on some of the tough hills in Maine!

In addition to leisure, David discovered some great general transportation benefits provided by his Blix. He says,"With the larger 17.5 Ah battery, it looks like I'll be able to have a round trip range of nearly 50 miles, relying mostly on pedaling! A surprise benefit here in Florida is negotiating the heavy traffic. One of the more dangerous situations for cyclists is intersections, especially with traffic lights & turn lanes. I find that using the throttle gives me a nearly instant spurt of speed to get across the traffic!"

Because of the ease as well as enjoyment of riding his Vika+ almost everywhere around his hometown, David intends to complete his "errands and functional travel on the bike instead of by car." Not only is he excited to get more exercise, he also can't wait to save money on gas and participate in earth stewardship. Lucky for David, Florida has the perfect weather for riding a Blix year round and exploring some of the most beautiful coastal areas in the United States!


A big thank you to David for sharing his story with us!
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