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Robin Beats Chronic Pain

September 12, 2018

"I struggle with chronic pain and illness—most notably lifelong, brutal migraines, which can take me out of commission for a week or more!

I've always loved the freedom of riding bicycles, and my husband is the sort of hardcore cyclist who can easily rack up a hundred miles a week! Unfortunately, the biggest trigger for my migraines is overheating, which can happen to me after even moderate physical exertion, despite my very best efforts. And our hilly new neighborhood means it's pretty hard to get from A to B without breaking a sweat. Even climbing off my bike and walking up each hill is enough to push me past my limit. So I'd just about given up.....

And then I found Blix.

Since the moment I first zipped past my wide-eyed husband on my Aveny Step-Through, my world has opened up wider than I could have possibly imagined! Not only does my new bike solve the problem of how to navigate our local terrain, it is SO MUCH FUN. Like laugh-out-loud, squeal-like-a-kid sort of fun.

My favorite feature is the pedal assist, which allows me to maintain a steady, gentle cadence, regardless of whether I'm climbing a hill or zooming down it. So I'm having fun, but I'm also getting my body moving. It's a great low-impact workout, which I really wasn't expecting!

Of course, sometimes it's also fun to push that throttle to its limit and roll along without a care in the world. I find it especially useful at intersections, where it's nice to get in and out quickly and safely. Or at the end of a ride when I just want to take it easy and enjoy the Pacific Northwest scenery.

Blix gives me so many options and so many reasons to get up and off the couch. And I'm just so grateful. Yay Blix!"


A big thank you to Robin for sharing her story with us!

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