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Marci And Aveny

July 06, 2018

After 44 years of marriage, Marci and her husband very much enjoy being with each other more than anything else. One of Marci's husband's favorite hobbies is cycling, an avid cyclist herself, Marci just needed a little help keeping up.

For their 44th wedding anniversary, Marci's husband bought his wife a Blix Aveny.

"He hoped that if I had some assistance with pedaling uphill or against the wind that I would spend more time with him on a bike. It worked! "

The Aveny's long-range battery means Marci can keep up with her husband for even some of the longest rides, with a range of 40 miles per charge no trip is too long and with a 350-watt motor assisting her, no hill is too steep!

"I love the style and feel of the step through Aveny. I must admit, though, that with that cute basket on the front and the classic upright style, I sometimes feel like the wicked witch of the west.  I find myself giggling and humming the wicked witch's theme as I gleefully pass my husband when we're going up a long hill!"

A big thank you to Marci and her husband for sharing their story with us!

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