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Jennifer Explores Seattle

June 13, 2018

 Jennifer recently joined the electric bike movement by purchasing a Blix Aveny, "it is easily the best investment I've made in myself in a long time."

45 years young Jennifer has been unable to ride her standard bike more than ten miles on flat road since having multiple back surgeries. Her husband an avid cyclist, commutes 100 miles per week! 

Jennifer and her husband live in hilly Seattle, "just leaving our house to ride requires navigating hills". They decided to test ride a Blix Electric bike to see if that could help Jennifer get back on two wheels.

"I rode the Blix on a test ride a week ago and sailed up 15 blocks that had a perpetual upward grade which gets very steep the last 7 blocks."

Since purchasing her Blix Aveny Jennifer has the freedom to ride further for longer and enjoy every moment. The pedal assistance gives her the help she needs when she needs it and the design "is truly lovely and thoughtful, as well as ergonomically comfortable."

Jennifer's Blix Bike is opening up possibilities for her that she did not think she had. We love to hear how our bikes are helping you get to work faster, take back a hobby you thought was lost or even how and where you like to ride! 

A big thank you to Jennifer and her husband for sharing their story with us!

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