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Can You Survive LA Without a Car?

June 08, 2018

"Most people say that living in Los Angeles requires you to own a car in order to survive, today I challenge that assumption." - Jake, Corridor Crew

Jake from the Corridor Crew swapped his truck for a Blix Prima to find out if it is possible to survive L.A. without a car!

The technology behind electric bikes has advanced leaps and bounds over the years, so they are truly now more than ever a viable means of getting around. The question Jake wanted to answer was have we reached the point where we can truly ditch our cars for bikes?

For a whole week, Jake relied on just his Blix to get around. Living 8 miles away from work, his commute was not unrealistic at all. However, attempting this in a city like Los Angeles, a city known for its less than perfect drivers, a city that often times does not even have sidewalks nevermind bicycle paths.

"The thing I really like about this assisted workout system is that you can still get a workout in."

By cycling to work you can sneak in your daily exercise, rather than having to make more time in your already busy schedule to run on a treadmill or get some cardio in on the stationary bicycle!

Another benefit to cycling to and from work is the alone time you get, not sitting in traffic or cramped up against other people on public transport. You can relax and take some time to reflect on what happened during the day on your way home. In the morning on the way to work cycling helps get your brain started by helping to pump endorphins around you arrive at work, awake, refreshed and ready to have a great day.

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