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Mama Watters + Blix Komfort

February 08, 2017

Mama Watters, the creator of Home Song Blog, featured Blix on her blog! Here's an expert of what she had to say about biking with a family:

"Rather recently a bike company called Blix reached out and wanted to know if our family would be interested in trying one of their electric bikes. I had heard about them but never had actually ridden one. Because we already love biking I was super intrigued and decided to try it out. Y’all, it’s a blast and honestly one of the coolest things we’ve ever done with the kids! Have you tried an electric bike before? We love it so much that we are thinking about selling Andrew’s bike and getting him one too because we are able to ride so much further with the kids in tow this way. I think there is definitely a time and place for traditional bike riding, and I will forever love my beach cruiser, but having the option of riding this with the kids has changed our whole biking game.

Theodore and I rode to the flower shop the other day and got some seeds for our garden. We were able to make the big hills in our neighborhood and even make a stop to pick up lunch on the way back home. You do have to pedal (it’s not entirely like a motorized scooter) so you still get that feel of riding a bike but with the added help of power when you need it. Stella and Theo always ask if they can join when we take it for little errands around town, like to the farmer’s market or to get a coffee a few blocks away. I am so grateful that Blix reached out and introduced this to our family because now I can share it with you! And onto to dating your kids, here is a list of some age appropriate ideas Andrew and I have come up with, bike rides topping it off:

  1. Bike rides around the neighborhood or to somewhere fun like the garden center
  2. Picnic at a new park
  3. Pick out treasure at thrift store"

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