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Love Letters to Blix Electric Bikes

February 14, 2019

This Valentine's Day, we asked Blix riders to share "love stories" about their experiences riding their Blix Bikes. Whether it is their love of feeling like a kid again, the ability to tackle hills, or regaining mobility, Blix riders were excited to share why they love their Blix ebikes. Share your love of biking and ride together today as well as every day after!


Our first love story is from Sally M. about her Sol e-cruiser. She can't get enough of exploring her town! She shares, “I absolutely love my new ebike! Very well made, easy to ride and so much fun zooming along!” 

Traveling from point A to point B quickly is also why Julio S. loves his Blix. Specifically, his favorite thing about his Vika+ is the "pedal assist" because "the ride is amazing."

Similarly, Martha K has found a new love of biking with her Sol. The pedal assist on her Blix has allowed her to keep riding into her late 60's. Before her Blix, she "had not ridden a bike for 7 years." Martha explained that she "wanted to ride again but knew [her] knees would not tolerate hills." However, her Blix electric bike "has solved the problem and [she can] “fly” up the hills!! 

Regaining mobility is also why Janice H. has fallen in love with her Blix. She rides a foldable Vika Travel. Janice says, “with my bike my travel is easier, I've had surgery on my left foot and couldn't get around on my own." However, with her Blix she "can go everywhere!" 

Likewise, Bryan J. loves the utility and efficiency of traveling on his Blix . As he shares, “I bought my partner and myself Blix Aveny High-Step bikes for Christmas and we LOVE them." More often Bryan is "leaving [his] car in the garage more, and taking to the streets on [his] bike to handle a variety of errands.” He finds the "utility for day-to-day errands is incredibly liberating."

Thank you to everyone who shared their love letters to Blix Bikes. Continue sharing the love of riding and find new ways to spend time outdoors with family, friends, and loved ones.
Happy Valentine's Day from the Blix Team!
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