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Marty Regains Her Active Lifestyle With Blix

January 30, 2019

Marty loves to spend time outdoors exploring nature's wonders! However, six years ago she suffered a knee injury limiting her movement and physical ability to stay active. Unfamiliar with living a sedentary lifestyle, Marty searched for a viable option to help her regain a sense of adventure and freedom outside. When she rode her Blix low step Aveny, Marty was thrilled and now her and her husband can't stop riding at the healthy age of 61! We are excited to share Marty's story with you this month and encourage others to find a way to stay active regardless of physical limitations especially as we enter the month of women heart health awareness.


Marty struggles with "back arthritis and a recent knee replacement," but rather than discourage her from staying active it motivated her. She knew that she "needed to get active again, somehow, someway." Thus began Marty's electric bike journey!

She says, "A neighbor had an e-bike and I thought it was so cool that I knew I had to have one, too." She asked herself, "could this be the incentive to get off the couch and start enjoying the outdoors again?" Marty loves researching, so after scouring online reviews and watching videos, she decided that "Blix had everything I was searching for at an affordable price." Her favorite part of her purchasing experience was having the bike assembled at her local neighborhood shop.

Marty was unstoppable from day one on her Blix, racking up 15 miles with her husband! Nowadays, Marty and her husband "ride almost every afternoon after work," because "it's a great way to transition from work to home." Their favorite ride is on their local 'greenway' as well as their "farmers markets are perfect destinations as [her] basket holds a lot of fresh produce." Sometimes after riding they treat themselves to a pint at the local brewery! 

We asked Marty where her dream ride would be on her Blix Aveny and she said: "If I could ride anywhere, I'd love to ride on the Northern California coastal road and stay at B&Bs; the perfect road trip!"

While Marty loves pedaling, she uses pedal assist "when [she is] tired and sometimes, the full throttle at intersections" because it "is truly a lifesaver!" These additions on her Aveny allow her to explore more often and for longer periods of time. Best of all, her electric bike has allowed her to regain her love of the outdoors!

Marty on her Blix electric low step green Aveny


A big thank you to Marty for sharing her story with us!
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