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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

August 26, 2016

We recently began reaching out to Blix customers asking them to share their story about themselves and e-bike life. It was then that we received this incredible email from one awesome Blix Rider: 

"Dear Blix, 

I love my Blix bike but I’m not sure my story is one that would help your marketing. Plus, I’m not photogenic at all, older, gray hair, squatty body - you know little old lady with an attitude. 
I got the Blix after the CA DMV took my driver’s license because of my epilepsy. The epilepsy was a result of a brain tumor removal. The brain tumor resection was a mess and a game changer. I did not recover as my former self. I lost my job and my driver’s license. Bad times. It took me over a decade to figure out who I was post-brain tumor resection, and how I was going to get along. This is when I bought the Blix. I also bought a condo in Santa Cruz, which is a very bike friendly community with bike lanes everywhere. 
My Blix is my transportation and my entertainment. I adore it. My bike is a foldable and bright green with a step through. I attached a huge basket on the back for groceries.
My Blix has helped me recover what I had lost, which was more than just transportation, it was my independence. I go everywhere on my Blix.
So, that’s my story. There will be readers who say I shouldn’t be on a bike with epilepsy. And there will be those who say that if I wreck I can do more brain damage. Not the perfect marketing story by any means, but I’m glad you asked me so I could tell you how much my Blix means to me. Perhaps my proudest moment was when I was coming back from the library and accidentally popped a wheelie at the intersection of 41st and Capitola Road. I rode the wheelie most of the way through the intersection, yelling “ALL RIGHT!” at the top of my lungs. Yes, I do like to ride that bike as fast as it will go. Makes me pity those trapped driving cars. "
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