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Shelly from The Bay

June 29, 2016

The following is a short interview with the new proud owner of a Vika+ Shelly! 

Where do you live?

Benicia, CA

Which model do you have? 

Vika +

How would you describe your bike usage before Blix? 

I have a road bike and a mountain bike. I have always done a lot of riding. When I would bike to work however, I would be quite sweaty and would have to carry a change of clothes. With my new Blix bike, I can ride to work, or anywhere and not need a shower!

 In what way has your Blix been the most helpful? 

It's been a great way to commute to work, the store, or just exit the neighborhood! My town is very hilly, so with my Blix bike, I feel I can enjoy the neighborhood more and really do some sightseeing

What is your favorite aspect of your new Blix bike?

The fact that it folds up is great! I can throw it my trunk and off I go!!