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Wendy Travels Portland

June 02, 2016

The follow post is a guest article written by Blix Bike rider Wendy.

Which model do you have? 

I currently ride a cream Komfort+.

How would you describe your bike usage before Blix?

Minimal, I had a bike but I was not anywhere close to a bike commuter.

In what way has your Blix been the most helpful?

My Blix has helped me convert to a full time bike commuter. I live just under 3 miles from my place of work but the route has some hills. I didn't have the time to walk, but sometimes biking would be a tad to strenuous to do in my work clothes. My Blix has been the ideal answer to my needs, I still get to feel more connected to my environment and get moving before the work day. 

What is your favorite part about riding a Blix?

I like that I can squeeze in my daily exercise into my commute so I don’t feel as bad if I’m too busy in my day to miss a workout. Now my limitations are so fewer that I am truly able to embrace a biking lifestyle, and ultimately a more sustainable lifestyle which has become very important to me.