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Tony Loves Blix Date Nights!

March 01, 2019

Tony and his wife love spending time together outdoors, exploring Santa Cruz and Aptos, California. Last month, Tony was the lucky winner of a Blix Bike giveaway held by Monterey Bay Community Power. Since he immediately loved his Blix Aveny high step, he decided he would enjoy riding even more if his wife was able to keep up on her own Aveny step-throughWe are excited to share Tony and his wife's story with you this month as well as encourage others to find ways to get active and outside with loved ones.


Working with our local Blix dealer Epicenter Cycling, Tony and his wife were able to ride away on their Aveny models, ready for every adventure! Lucky for them, Nicene Marks state park is located near their home. Tony says this is their favorite ride to complete together. They also enjoy riding through Wilder Ranch, which is located up the coast off Highway 1. In addition to local rides, Tony says he and his wife would love to ride "anywhere its 70+ degrees or around Lake Tahoe."  What a perfect date! 

Tony and Wife ride Blix Aveny electric bikes

Not only have their Blix electric bikes increased the distances they ride together, the bikes have also increased Tony's wife's mobility As Tony explains, "My wife had knee replacement surgery, so this is helping her get rehabilitated. My wife can go along more often now." By having an electric motor, varying pedal assist levels, and a throttle, Tony and his wife are able to ride farther, faster, and find a new activity to add to date nights!


A big thank you to Tony for sharing his story with us!
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