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Jim Cuts Costs On His Vika+

March 27, 2019

For this month's Blix Rider Story, we are excited to share Jim's story about how his Vika+ has helped him reduce spending on transportation, find fun, and enjoy the outdoors. Jim has even specialized his Vika+ to carry all the cargo he needs when commuting to work!


From the beginning, Jim said he knew he "wanted a compact folding ebike."  His son had test ridden the Vika+ first. Jim says his son recommended he try it for himself! The Vika+ fit Jim's need for a "compact ebike to ride to work" since he "gave up driving around 2008." This is a great feat to accomplish!

In addition to commuting on his Vika+, Jim's favorite place to ride is the Virginia Bicycle Trail. He says the trail is "away from traffic" and "many people enjoy the Virginia Trail" for recreational purposes. He also enjoys riding around his town in California and stopping for coffee! 

Similar to other Blix riders, Jim particularly likes the pedal assist feature on the Vika+. He finds that he "gets some exercise using the pedal assist." More importantly, the pedal assist allows him to commute to work daily and ride for leisure. Jim says that adding a Blix Vika+ to his lifestyle has made "transportation costs much more affordable."

Jim and his Blix Vika+


A big thank you to Jim for sharing his story with us!

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