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Charla Finds Joy In Riding Again

June 26, 2019

We are excited to share Charla's Blix rider story. While she used to find bike riding as purely a form of exercise, with her Blix Aveny, Charla has discovered a new love for adding biking to her daily activities. This includes spending more time outdoors, commuting less in her car, and exploring her neighborhood trails. Check out her story below!


Charla loves her Aveny because of its "townie style" and "the way it looks,"especially,"the cream color with the leather seat and adorable basket." Plus, she was able to work with the "awesome team at Best E-bikes USA in Denver,"which is a local Blix dealer in her state. Charla even drove three hours to Denver to find her perfect Blix match! She says "the entire drive back over the mountains, I had the windows down and the music blaring, and my sweet little bike strapped to the back. I was SO happy!" 

After Charla picked up her Blix Aveny and started riding, she realized how easy and enjoyable it was to use her electric bike to commute to work. She said before owning a Blix she wouldn't "ride to work or the grocery store because it's so much work." However, with an "e-bike [she] cruises!" Charla regained a love for riding from place to place because it no longer felt like a chore or something that she could only do as her exercise routine. 

The best part about her Blix is how she "absolutely feels like a kid again" and that by riding more often, she "also gets to spread the joy." Charla even wrote an article about the happiness biking has brought her and how it can help others as well. One day, Charla hopes to ride her Blix in Amsterdam, one of the top bike cities in the world.



 A big thank you to Charla for sharing her Blix story!

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