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Flying High

February 03, 2024

Since Paul was a kid, he knew he wanted to be a pilot. After years working in tech and sales, he finally decided to take the leap and follow his childhood dream. With a passion for traveling fast since he was young, he has taken his Vika+ sky high.

Paul in cockpit

Following childhood dreams

After getting his commercial pilot’s license, Paul was interested in flying private jets. “I fly four kinds of private jets for a few lucky individuals who are successful enough to afford this sort of lifestyle,” Paul says. “We avoid big airports, fly to fun destinations, and often I get to hang out in cool places for a few days while my work pays for all my expenses. It’s a win-win.”

city view from plane

sunset view from plane

His Vika+ flies high

Paul’s Vika+ rides in the plane on most of his trips. “I purchased the Blix Vika+ because I wanted something foldable, so it fits in the trunk of my car and the trunk of the airplane,” Paul says. “I needed a bike with a removable battery as we are not allowed to put batteries in our cargo compartment in the jet, so the Blix battery is usually in a little closet on board.”

When Paul waits for his clients to fly to their next destination, he enjoys riding his bike around new places. “All the places we go to are special in some unique way, and they are just different,” Paul says. “I love hanging out in the Cuban neighborhood in Miami just as much as watching sunsets in Santa Monica or Malibu.”

Vika+ in private jet trunk

Vika+ in front of jet

Better than a car

Paul says he’s never traveling without his electric bike again. Especially in busy places, it can be hard and inconvenient to rent a car. “Whenever you are in places like Manhattan, Los Angeles, or Miami, you simply don’t want a car,” Paul says. Dealing with parking is a major problem, so being able to secure my bike to a lamppost is ideal.”

Vika+ with palm trees

Vika+ with Hollywood sign