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Biking With Kids Made Easy: Amanda Ullman's Story

March 31, 2023

When Amanda and her husband moved from Sweden to Austin, TX, in 2022, she had no idea how much adventure would come into her and family’s life. Dive deeper into her story of how the Packa changed the game for her family of six.

amanda with three kids on back of Pacla

With four kids between three and seven, Amanda wanted something to fit all the kids and get the entire family outside. “When I saw a picture of the Packa, I immediately felt that it would be a much better alternative for me,” Amanda said. “I thought it would be more convenient and give me more freedom.”

Amanda and her family love to zoom around on their Packa when the sun is shining. “Riding the bike and having my kids singing and laughing on the back is the best thing,” Amanda said. "Also, being able to ride past all the cars waiting in the school pick-up line is very amusing, and it saves me so much time in the afternoon.”

Amanda with kids on back of Packa

With putting three kids at a time on the back of the Packa, it took some time for Amanda to get the kids comfortable and ready to ride. “If any rider is hesitant about putting multiple kids on the back of the Packa, I recommend starting slow and taking short rides,” Amanda said. “We had a kid who thought it was a little scary at first, but I could hold her hand, and we took slow rides in the beginning, and after a couple of times, she loved it!”

The Texas climate is an excellent home for a Packa, and Amanda and her family love to take advantage of the warm days. “ I love that it allows us to be outside, Amanda says. “It’s been great to be able to ride the bike throughout the winter.”

3 kids on back of Packa bike

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