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The New Vika+ Flex: Bigger and Brighter

July 13, 2021


The ride of your dreams is in reach with the all new Vika+ Flex. With fresh colors and bigger tires, you have every reason to explore some fresh scenery.



As the lightest, most compact, and only foldable frame in the Blix lineup, this model already makes a statement. But now that it comes with bigger wheels and new colors, it can make your entire year. Trek across gravel, conquer bad roads or cruise all the way home on the extra-cushy 20” tires.

They’re built with increased flat protection so whether you choose Burgundy, Nü Cream, Steel Blue or Racing Green, the ride will be smooth. Explore your hometown from a new vantage or set off for the open road with the Vika+ Flex tucked in the back. The options are endless, just like the potential of your adventures.



Wherever you call home, this model will fit right in. Ditch the bike rack, pack a lunch, and take off for an unforgettable ride, every time. Discover more about the new Vika+ Flex