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Meet The New Sol Eclipse

July 13, 2021

For the laid back, wind in your hair, rides that last past sunset, the redesigned Sol has arrived. And it’s not just the new colors that will be turning heads left and right. Unwind with a friend or follow a backroad to discover the better side of life with the redesigned, low-step cruiser.


 Fresh Colors  


Whether you're off to the beach or exploring a familiar path, you’re now free to ride in Seafoam, Sorbet, Slate Gray, and Sky Blue. Lean back on the big cushy seat and reminisce with a friend as the sweet scents of flowers and barbecues fill the air. With an enhanced range of 50 miles per charge, there’s no reason to cut your adventure short. Leave your worries behind and soak in the sun with a ride that’s built for comfort.


Stronger Motor   


You can cruise with a loved one, take it up to 20 mph and now with the all new 750w motor, it’s easy to bring up to 270lbs of cargo. Meant to enhance an already smooth ride, the motor’s added capacity accommodates coolers, flowers, furry friends, and so much more. Where there’s a Sol Eclipse, there’s a reason to get outside and ride.


Bigger Tires

Take on fresh terrain with, 27”, ready for adventure tires. Both functional and fun, the upgraded wheels make bumps a breeze and provide additional support for taller riders. Parallel the sandy coast or take on light trails without a worry in sight. The only challenge will be taking off your helmet and calling it a night.


 Bright Lights  

Hello stars, sunsets, and late-night adventures. The reimagined Sol Eclipse is now equipped with an added front light. Cruise comfortably (day or night) and keep the good times rolling all year long. Designed to enable more miles, this feature means you no longer have to choose between happy hour and an after work unwind. Combine the two and park your Sol Eclipse right next to the fun.


The choice is up to you. Either welcome a summer filled with spontaneous beach days, the magic of golden hour, and assisted adventure. Or watch the day pass, unexplored. To us, it’s easy. But if you need an extra push, remember you can now ride in Seafoam, Sorbet, Slate Gray, and Sky Blue. Discover more about the new Sol Eclipse