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West Coast Ride: Slow Car Fast Home tests the Vika+

December 27, 2018

This past November, Slow Car Fast Home took two Blix Vika+ electric bikes on an adventure from Portland, Oregon to Santa Cruz, California. Danielle and Tommy follow a "tiny-living" lifestyle meaning all their belongings fit inside their RV! As Danielle explained to us, "We knew we didn’t have space inside our tiny RV for full-size bicycles, and bike racks were out of the question for numerous reasons." Thus, when Slow Car Fast Home found out about the folding Vika+ they knew they had to test them out and see how they would fit into their lifestyle. 

Slow Car Fast Home found the compact size and ease of folding the Vika+ to be one of the biggest benefits of these electric bikes! The Blix bikes were the perfect size to fit in their "... super tiny RV shower. We stacked them one on top of each other and they didn’t budge while traveling!"

Tommy folding the Blix Vika+ in the redwoods

Similarly, to get the Blix Vika+ ready for riding, it only takes a few simple steps. Danielle and Tommy were thrilled as they "tend to sporadically take off on adventures,"and "being able to pull the bikes out of the RV and quickly flip them to the riding position"was a huge plus for them. 

Speaking of adventures, without electric bikes, it was hard for Danielle and Tommy to sometimes escape their home as it is also their car. The Blix Vika+ electric bikes brought "a whole other side of ease to our travels." They "can park and not have to worry about running around with [their] home connected to us the entire time."  

Another perk discussed by Danielle and Tommy is the ability of one battery charge taking you a long way! With one charge, they "explored Astoria, OR, the Avenue of the Giants, and a day in San Francisco!" 

Danielle on a Vika+ at the Golden Gate Bridge

While the Vika+ did improve their travel and ability to explore, Danielle and Tommy were most impressed by how the Blix bikes reduced their carbon footprint. As they write, "While traveling with the Vika+ e-bikes we had an alternative option to explore that saved us money on gas, multiple parking lot fees, and even have days that we didn’t need to drive the RV at all." As an alternative means of transportation, the Vika+ reduced their gas use!


We would like to thank Slow Car Fast Home for taking the time to partner up with Blix Bikes and take the Blix Vika+ on a West Coast adventure! Follow them on Instagram for more updates on their tiny-lifestyle!


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