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The Vika+ Steals the Show: Review

December 20, 2018

Dan Roe from is well versed in the world of electric and regular bikes. Recently, he decided to test the Blix Vika+ because of his interest in how such a small foldable bike could hold so much power! Dan offers an honest, detailed, and helpful review about the benefits of owning a Vika+. His review offers information on both the technical aspects as well as the ride experience of the Blix bike. In the end, he praises Blix for succeeding in "building a not too expensive, not too heavy e-bike that enriches your life." 

During the week that Dan tested the Vika+ he found that adding a folding electric bike meant "less spending on gas, more convenient errand-running and, best of all, more time in the saddle." Part of the reason for his newfound enjoyment was the comfort and ease associated with using a Blix electric bike. With an easy-to-read display and cadence sensors, the Vika+ makes commuting and errand running efficient. Dan found that the cadence sensors allowed him to "get more motor help by shifting down and spinning the pedals with minimal effort." This also correlated with increased battery life per charge as the "system adjusts to the amount of e-assist you're using and shows how much battery you'll have if you maintain your current motor usage." Thus, on the Vika+ Dan was able to ride for miles and easily monitor his pedal assist usage!

Folded black Vika+

In addition to the efficient mechanical features of the Vika+, Dan found the folding mechanisms simple as well as sturdy. He took only about a minute to collapse the Vika+ and be on his way with the bike in tow. Dan states that "as a day-to-day commuter, the Vika+ is generously equipped"  making it "a comfortable and convenient bike to ride between stops."  If it were up to Dan he would "keep using it for everyday errands!" 


Thank you Dan for taking the time to review the Blix Vika+!
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