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"A Smooth Ride": Electric Bike Report reviews the Sol

December 07, 2018


Recently, Pete from Electric Bike Report reviewed the Blix Sol Electric Cruiser and put our model to the test! To provide the most comprehensive review of our ebike, Pete analyzed and tested both the technical aspects as well as the experience of the Blix Sol. Between the ultra low step-through frame and comfortable ride of the Blix ebike, Pete was pleased with the quality, design, and affordability of the Sol cruiser.

Technical Aspects:

It is clear in Pete's review that his favorite technical aspect of the Blix Sol is the low step-through frame. He found the frame to offer "easy on and off movement" as well as having "substantial reinforcement" making the bike feel sturdy as well as maneuverable. Pete was not only impressed with the comfort of the frame style, but with the comfort of the seat as well and the material used for the handle bar grips which he argues "gives the Sol a smooth ride."  

Blix Sol ecruiser bike in Sky Blue

When Pete analyzed the fine details such as the motor, battery, and tires, he was pleased with both their design and functionality. He describes the motor as "one of the quietest geared hub motors I have ridden." The rear-hub motor of the Sol offered both power and a peaceful ride for Pete! The Sol offers 4 levels of pedal assist as well as a throttle. Additionally, Pete found the battery location on the Sol to be "centered and relatively low on the bike for good handling and balance."  The battery is also removable allowing riders to charge it indoors, store the battery in a safe location, and decrease the weight of the bike by nearly 8 pounds when removed. As for the tires, Pete describes them as "rolling smooth and at a quick pace." 

Blix Sol Ecruiser Rear Hub Motor


After his first ride, Pete's initial impression was that the Sol is an "easy-going, comfortable, and fun eCruiser bike." Moreover, he was appreciative of the upright riding style that is created by the handlebar width and distance of the frame to the seat post. Because the Sol has the ability to easily adjust the seat height, Pete found the bike to be a "good bike for families with different rider sizes." Similarly, the low-step frame and varying pedal assist levels allow riders of different physical capabilities to enjoy their time riding the Sol! 

Pete's overall review of the Sol is that it "offers a lot of value at its price point."  As well as the fact that the Sol has "impressive features, quality components"  and a "clean overall look." The Blix Sol offers both a classic cruiser feel and the power of an electric bike to help people of all physical abilities enjoy biking while going farther and faster!


We would like to thank Pete and Electric Bike Report for reviewing the Blix Sol!

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