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"How To eBike" Takes the Vika+ for a Wild Seattle Ride!

November 29, 2018

Zade from "How to eBike", an electric bike enthusiast, tested our Vika+ foldable model in Seattle, Washington. After meeting with our Local Blix Dealer Electric and Folding Bikes Northwest and learning about the bike from DJ, Zade headed out on a Blix adventure.

According to Zade, the Vika+ "reflects a modern style and a laid-back feel" with a comfortable riding position and great handlebars. Moreover, Zade is over 6' tall and he didn't find the compact size of the foldable model to be an issue. As he says, "if you're around my height or smaller, you'll have no problem at all on this bike." 

One of his favorite parts of the bike was his ability to "easily outpace cars when accelerating off from the green lights." By using the throttle, in addition to the four levels of pedal assist, Zade found the Vika+ to be powerful and provide varying levels of assist depending on the type of ride he wanted.  

When analyzing the ride of the Vika+, Zade found the motor to be "very quiet" and stated that "you'll barely notice it's there at all." With the smaller size and frame style, the Vika+ also had a "much tighter and responsive feeling handling." Zade found the process of folding and unfolding the Blix to be super easy and instruction was not entirely necessary! 

Overall, Zade rates this bike as "very sturdy" as well as "stylish, practical and budget friendly" that will make sure to provide you with "fun for years to come."  

We would like to thank Zade for this awesome review and taking the time to support Blix Bikes!


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