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First Electric Bike Experience - Clean Technica Review

September 19, 2018

When Cynthia Shanan from Clean Technica decided it was time for her to get back on a bike, she wanted to go electric. The Blix Aveny Step-Through provided her with a “comfortable and cute” step-through frame. While it may have been the end of her day, Cynthia said that the boost of the Aveny helped her “go further and further and further” since she could “sit back and cruise” without any pedaling assist!” Notice her emphasis on the word “any.”

Cynthia enjoyed her ride so much that she “seriously considered shedding [her] Nissan Leaf for an electric bike!"

Electric bikes, such as the Blix Aveny, produce a much lighter carbon footprint making them a great alternative to all cars, even electric ones. More importantly, Cynthia found the most joy in her newfound liberation and ability to explore the outdoors on her Aveny.


With electric bikes we can “get out and ride in spite of limitations” meaning more freedom, exercise, and time spent outdoors with family and friends. Cynthia suggests our Blix Aveny because of its reasonable price point, safety, and joy it brings to riders!

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