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Santa Cruz Waves: "Blix Bicycle Brings the E-bike Craze to Santa Cruz"

February 05, 2019

Last month, J.D. Ramey with Santa Cruz Waves conducted an interview with Blix Electric Bike founder Pontus Malmberg to learn more about electric bikes as well as the purpose and goals of Blix. As a local Santa Cruz company, Blix is familiar with the city's constant traffic, environmental focus, and active lifestyle. Highlighted below are some of the main points discussed by Pontus and J.D.!


Transportation as a means of "freedom"

Pontus argues that cars no longer have the same "freedom" potential as before since"there are situations in some places where cars are basically the opposite of freedom" due to traffic, population size, or limited space. As J.D. notes, this was one of the leading factors in Pontus' decision to design a line of electric bikes. 

What are electric bikes?

As J.D. concludes, electric bikes "don't look much different from other bicycles," rather they are different in the sense that "ebikes have battery-powered electric motors that can add up to 20 mph to the speed generated by pedaling." Blix electric bikes also include varying battery sizes, throttles, and four levels of pedal assist which determine the power emitted from the motor.

Benefits of electric bikes

While there are many benefits of riding an electric bike, Pontus argues that the pedal assist allows riders to go farther and conquer hills with the option of not breaking a sweat. He explains, "You don't necessarily want to sweat every time you go to work, go buy something, or visit a friend." With pedal assist levels, riders choose their own levels of exercise and change accordingly.

Another benefit, particular to Blix Electric Bikes, is the choice of folding ebikes. As J.D. states, folding makes for "easy storage (the better to be brought aboard a bus or train)" and excellent options for alternative methods of transportation for commuting. 

Leading factors in the ebike revolution

J.D. wondered why ebikes have gained popularity over the last few years and Pontus highlights four reasons that may explain this phenomenon.

1. Increased gas prices
2. Rising awareness of wellness and the environment
3. Decrease in convenience of cars
4. Heightened safety of electric bikes
These factors encourage people to find sustainable, active, and economical modes of transportation that are also safe to use and reliable.


Why Santa Cruz?

When J.D. asked Pontus why he choose Santa Cruz as Blix Electric Bike's home, Pontus says, Santa Cruz offers "the active-lifestyle mindset upon which the company is built." This city continually supports environmentally-friendly products and their focus on health and wellness has helped Blix make a difference in the community.

Thank you to J.D. and Santa Cruz Waves for featuring us in last month's Company Feature!


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