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EBAM Loves the Aveny!

March 15, 2020

Electric Bike Action Magazine recently reviewed the Blix Aveny City Electric Bikeand were delighted by its looks, feel, and power to say the least! EBAM tests all types of ebikes and have extensive experience with ebikes in general. Check out their review below in the latest Blix blog!


EBAM loved the ride of the Aveny as "it offers a lovely ride down any avenue or bike lane." Plus, the design "hearkens back to the origins of bicycling - simple, clean bikes in nice colors that are modernized with motorized assist." The Aveny also has "a nice rear rack that can hold your groceries, briefcase or even a seat for the kids." The rear rack also has smart mounting points similar to the front head tube which lets you add accessories to both the front and rear. 

Additionally, EBAM was impressed with the "faux-leather stitched ergonomic grips, a highly padded saddle, and aluminum platform pedals with grip tape on them to make them compatible with almost any shoe." Similarly, "the bars are fairly swept back for added comfort, and the stem is adjustable so riders can easily make their riding position comfortable." Other features that improve comfort include the 27.5" x 2.0" thick tires. "That tire volume does a great job at reducing the bumps in the road and, between the size and the tread pattern, offers great grip on every type of surface, dry or wet. They do have Kevlar reinforcement to provide puncture resistance."

Moving on to power, the Aveny "uses a 500-watt, geared, brushless rear hub"motor. This works together with a 48V 14Ah battery with 672-Wh. "The saddle has a cantilever mechanism to allow easy removal of the battery." With a 500W motor and 48V battery, you'll be ready for any hill! The Aveny is "a Class 2 bike because it can provide pedal-assist or throttle-assist up to 20 mph. "

So who does EBAM think the Aveny is great for? "This is a great bike for anyone who wants a low-step bike for commuting, sight-seeing, or just riding around for fun. It easily has the power to tackle big hills."  Additionally, "There’s a real flow to the way this bike rides. We took it along the beach, through urban sprawl, through parks. It’s quiet and a simple joy to ride. We carried some unusual stuff on the rack, and it was configurable to hold all of it without additional tie-downs."

Overall, the "Aveny's price point makes it a great value for what you get. It’s a comfortable, fun, good-looking and easy-to-ride bike with plenty of power."

Thank you to Electric Bike Action Magazine for taking the time to review the Aveny!


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