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Clean Technica: City Riding, Active Lifestyle & Throttle mode

April 02, 2019

Cynthia from Clean Technica is an avid Blix rider throughout Sarasota, Florida. After her first review of her Aveny Step-through, she has continued to explore how an electric bike can replace a car! As she learns how to navigate proper bike safety practices and find her own comfort level riding, Cynthia has expanded her riding. Learn why Cynthia loves riding her Blix Aveny throughout her city.


Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Maintaining an active lifestyle as we age is highly important to prevent multiple health issues. This is one reason Cynthia aims to ride her Aveny daily! She says she "rides to prevent cognitive decline as much as possible." Some days, Cynthia pedals hard and uses lower levels of assist, if she uses any at all. However, sometimes under that Florida Sun and a full day of pedaling, a little extra push is needed to get home. On days like these, Cynthia enjoys the throttle option on her Aveny because it allows her to reduce the effort she is exerting when tired or feeling overheated and overworked.

Love for Pedal Assist & Throttles

Cynthia describes the pedal assist on her Aveny as "smooth and helpful" and "quite perfect for cruising home on back streets!" While she often chooses to use different levels of assist based on her riding intentions, Cynthia does explain that the "nice thing about the Blix Aveny is that one can simply use the [throttle] to add the electrical component." 

Pedal assist is different than using a throttle because it requires riders to pedal in addition to the motor helping to push the bike forward. Each level of assist varies in the speed at which it will get the bike as well as how hard a rider needs to pedal. High levels of pedal assist will reach higher speeds and provide greater help to the rider. This is great for riders wanting exercise, looking to conquer hills, or ride farther!

The throttle works by pushing down on the lever which, in turn, engages the motor and propels the bike forward without any pedaling needed. It is one of the most sought after features on the Blix Aveny! It is a great option if riders are tired, want to maintain a 20mph riding speed, or are unable to pedal to mobility issues! 

City riding is a staple in Cynthia's lifestyle and with her Aveny she has been able to replace her car! 


Thank you Cynthia for sharing your continued experiences on your Aveny!


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