Discover your bike's full utility with Blix bags!

April 09, 2019

Discover your bike's full utility with Blix bags!

While most Blix electric bikes are equipped with rear racks and have the option of an additional front basket, one item that has been missing is the option to add bike bags. So, we are excited to announce that we are launching a brand new line of Blix bags perfect for your bike this June 2019! Below you will find brief descriptions of each bag and fun ways to pack them. 

Smart Pannier
The Smart Pannier can double rider cargo with it's stylish dual bag design. Now there is ample space for any and all of your belongings! Made with water-resistant canvas, a protective laptop sleeve, and secure attachment systems, it is great for commuting or errands. Easily transform this bag into a cross-body bag to take with you! Pack your laptop, notebooks, lunch, wallet, drawing materials, and be on your way.
Everyday Bag
This multi-purpose bag is perfect for every adventure! Stuff its many pockets full and rest assured that the secure clips, water-resistant canvas, and protected pouch will keep your items safe when riding. Fill the Everyday Bag with gym clothes, snacks, or binders for the perfect gym bag! Throw it on your bike or over your shoulder, and head out. 
Blix Tote
Carry everything you need for a beach day, trip to the farmer's market, or work with the Blix Tote. Choose to fold the top over or pack it full. Securely attach it to the rear rack or attach a shoulder strap for a stylish on-the-go tote! Pack your bathing suit, throw in a towel, or fill it with fresh fruits and veggies.  
Top Rack Bag
Specifically designed to help riders carry more on the Vika+, this top rack bag will allow riders to fold their bikes while increasing their cargo load! Utilize the zipper pouches and fill with lunch, phone chargers, or items picked up during quick errands. Easily attach or remove with Velcro straps to create a stylish grab-and-go bag.


More bag details and pictures can be found here!

All bags (except the top rack bag) are available for pre-order through our Indiegogo Campaign! 

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