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Chic Over 50 stays active on an Aveny!

April 15, 2019

Over the last month, Shauna, the creator of Chic Over 50, added a Blix Aveny Step-through electric bike to her lifestyle. With her Blix, she has explored more of her beautiful city and gained a new perspective on staying active while having fun! In our latest Blix rider journal, learn why Shauna fell in love with her Blix Aveny and how it has helped her regain a passion for the outdoors.


The First Ride:

Before trying the Blix Aveny, Shauna "had only heard of electric bikes" and was unsure if having pedal assist would remove all aspects of a workout. However, it only took one ride for Shauna's opinion of electric bikes to change. She states, "my thinking totally shifted perspective when I sat on my Blix for the first time and had the ride of my life!" The thrill of riding faster and farther down the bike path made her "feel like a kid again."

While Shauna did enjoy pedaling with little to no assist, she also liked how the Aveny has a throttle, allowing the bike to move on its own without requiring her to pedal. As she experimented increasing the pedal assist to ride faster, Shauna said she "loved every single second! The feeling of riding through the streets again, and with the wind in [her] face was nothing short of exhilarating!"

Staying Chic and Active Over 50:

One of the reasons why we chose to collaborate with Shauna is because of her dedication to helping women stay active, confident, and having fun regardless of their age. Sedentary lifestyles become more common as we age and as Shauna stresses, "being out and about is so important to our overall health!"

Shauna feels as though her "Blix bike has given [her] an excuse to get out and about" and explore her favorite spots in southern Utah. She has had a "blast riding along all the trails in the clean air" and choosing her level of pedaling based on her exercise goals for the day. Whether you are just starting to get back into exercising or wish to ride a bike once again, Shauna says an electric bike will "give you a way to be out in the fresh air enjoying your surroundings, but with the option of how hard you want to work!"

We would like to thank Shauna for sharing her experiences on the Blix Aveny.


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