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2020 Year in Review

January 15, 2021

Looking back at 2020, it seems like nothing and everything happened at the same time. No events and canceled plans, no socializing, yet a complete change in how we live and work.


For Blix, this year was filled with a mix of challenges and intense growth. Our annual sales and team size grew more than 300% respectively, and we shipped more orders during the year than all previous years combined.


The bike industry saw an unprecedented peak in demand, with leisure and transportation bikes being one of the faster growing categories as people increasingly prioritized personal health, wellbeing, quality time and fun experiences.


In the context of a year like the last, we wouldn’t be able to achieve any of the above if it wasn’t for all the amazing people that make up the Blix community, including all Blix owners and the entire Blix team and partners. It’s a privilege to be able to work in a team with so many talented and hard-working people who tirelessly use problem solving and creativity to improve our products and experiences.


Inspiring customer stories and valuable conversations with Blix owners (or soon-to-be-owners) is what pushed us to work even harder. I want to extend a big thank you from the whole Blix team for riding through this crazy year with us.

Needless to say, 2020 was a year full of new challenges to navigate. Transitioning to a fully remote work structure, mandatory evacuation due to the California wildfires, and an increasingly more complex supply chain were just a few of the new obstacles we faced. Tackling these issues while quickly scaling production and deliveries required a lot of hard work.


By focusing on selling only online, we have a relatively streamlined and scalable business model. To support growth we made a lot of changes, such as implementing new organizational structures, recruiting talent and increasing our customer support team by 5x, improving IT systems, bringing all warehouse and distribution in-house for full control, and improving quality control procedures. We shipped out more orders in one day than we did in an entire week twelve months earlier!


We have a lot of exciting things in the product pipeline, and several news to be announced in 2021. This year will be extremely interesting and fueled with improvements and growth as we continue to deliver thousands of Blix bikes to new owners across the country.


Happy New Year, we’re ready for 2021.

/Pontus Malmberg, Founder & CEO