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Unwrap Freedom with the Blix Vika+

December 09, 2020

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes. While it may be too big to go under the tree, the Vika+’s foldable frame can fit nearly anywhere else. This holiday season, enjoy $150 on the order of one Vika+ or $400 when buying two, while inventory lasts.



Representing the most versatile model in our lineup, the Vika+ can complement nearly any lifestyle. Whether you’re living the life of a traveler or squeezing everything you can into an apartment, the Vika+ will help you expand and enjoy your surroundings. With this model in your back pocket, adventures no longer need to be planned at length. Simply unfold and unwind on the route of your choice.

In less than five minutes you’ll be racing down the streets with a line of envious spectators in your wake. If you don’t have time for questions, just make a speedy getaway going 20mph by hitting the throttle or leveraging the 500w hub-motor. This model has a range of 45 miles per charge so whether you have a destination or a mindset, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Regardless of what you have planned for 2021, the Vika+ will empower you to break free of your comfort zone.

We don’t like to choose favorites, but we must say that the foldable frame provides a level of convenience that can’t be matched. Bike racks are not rocket science but isn’t it easier to just fold and stow? We certainly think so. To streamline your everyday adventures even further, we went the extra mile and paired this model with a carrying bag.

The holidays are famous for being equally exciting and stressful. This year in particular has packed a punch, so why not treat someone you love to a modern form of fun? We offer the Vika+ in three different colors so pick your favorite before it’s too late! Let’s take on 2021 together.