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Tips For Biking With Kids

April 20, 2022

There’s only one thing better than a ride on a Blix—a ride with kid(s) in tow. Picture this: the wind blows through a child’s hair and they’re able to see, smell, and hear more of their surroundings and be truly immersed in the environment. When’s the last time a car could do that? With kids, riding is better than driving, especially when you consider how to make it as safe and supportive as possible.

1. Start with the Right Blix Bike and Carrier

Blix bikes appeal to a variety of lifestyles, uses, and locations. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, the Sol is your cruise-worthy companion. For a foldable ebike, the Vika+ is your answer. The Aveny is an avenue towards a balanced, traffic-free life and the Packa is built for year-round explorers and families that want to pass the time together. For those who enjoy a bit of off-trail adventure on the side, the Ultra is your perfect companion.

Ready for cargo or children, the Packa can be equipped with the crowd-pleasing VIP section, followed by up to two giddy kids (5-10 years old). Add a Rear Rack Cushion or two for an even comfier ride.

No terrain (and no child!) is too tough for the Ultra. Throw on the Ultra Rear Rack, and pair it with the Ultra Wheel Guards and the Mini VIP to take your little one on the ride of a lifetime. 

All Blix models can accommodate most cargo and child trailers, particularly those with an axle-mounted hitch. They can also accommodate rear carriers like the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi or Thule Yepp Maxi seat, which can easily be attached to each model using Thule’s EasyFit adapter. The only exception here is the Packa, which doesn’t require an adapter.

2. Accessorize for Kid-Friendly Adventures

Did someone say snacks? If you’re cruising around with children, be sure to prepare for the infamous “I’m hungry.” Fortunately, you can equip any Blix model with the Front Basket, easily storing drinks, food, and teddy bears.

For extra peace of mind, we’d also recommend the Packa Mesh Rear Wheel Guards, which will protect all wandering toes and curious fingers from the rapidly spinning wheels.

When it comes to transitioning between the ebike and swim lessons or second grade, there’s nothing handier than Blix Bags that can be attached to the rear rack—or your back when your hands are full (isn’t this always the case with kids?!).

3. Ride Safely

With precious cargo on board, riding safely is more important than ever. When taking the greener mode of transportation with your kids, remember that you’re not in a car and turns are different. With kids in the back, it’s best to take curves at a slower pace as their weight tends to shift.

We’re sure you do so anyway, but with children in tow, it’s especially important to follow all traffic laws, use lights when necessary, and wear helmets. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with cycling hand signals before your trip. As always, bring layers, sunscreen, the aforementioned snacks, and water if you want to get home with everyone smiling.

Blix is here to make all adventures better, especially if there’s a squealing kid joining you. We’re here to help with any questions you might have. Check our Support page or get in touch if you want to make your next ride with little ones even better.