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Accessorizing the Packa

March 30, 2022

The Packa is ready to be, well, packed! High-performing and capable of cargo, it’s quick to become a well-loved car replacement. With more than 200 different combinations and a carrying weight of up to 200 pounds, the options are endless. Overwhelmed by all the possibilities? We’ll motivate you with some mounting point ideas.

Bring a VIP along for the ride

The Packa is perfect for family days, especially when equipped with the Blix VIP Section. With room for up to two kids (5-10 years old) it can also accommodate Yepp EasyFit child seats or a Packa Rear Rack Board and Blix Rear Rack Cushions for an ultra comfy ride.

Keep everyone wheely safe

Safety is of utmost importance for us at Blix, which is why we designed the Packa Wheel Guards. As their name suggests, they keep all curious toes and fingers out of the wheel area.

Simply attach the velcro straps to the VIP Section and Packa Genie Running Boards, which provide a footrest, and you’ll create such a comfy, safe-looking passenger seat that you might have strangers line up to get a ride.

Cargo on, cargo off

Say you have the Platform on your rear rack loaded with board games for family night or a strapped-in plant from the farmers’ market. Now you just need to carry your fresh produce or popcorn and drinks, too…

That’s where the waterproof Smart Pannier Bag and Everyday Bag come in. They’ll keep the rear rack and platform free for other storage, while providing an easy (and quite stylish) way to carry even more. They stay secure while riding and easily unclip to transform into cross-body bags for all off-bike adventures.

The Packa is here and ready for packing. We can’t wait to see what carrying combinations you choose.