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Keeping Your Battery Healthy

April 27, 2021

They flatten hills, increase your range and offer top speeds of 20 mph.

Batteries changed the game of biking and bridged the gap of mobility for many riders, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a little TLC. To keep your energy bar full and functioning, follow these simple tips.

Just like your stomach, batteries operates best when they're not too full or empty. When possible, keep the charge between 20 and 80 percent to reduce stress and increase the possible amount of “cycles”. Like anything with a plug, it shouldn’t be left alone or exposed to water and it does best in dry, temperature controlled areas. It’s okay to charge your battery overnight, just be sure to unplug everything and stow your key in the morning. Another option that a few of our clever riders have enjoyed are wall-plug timers, a handy device that automatically cuts the main current after a certain amount of time. Regardless of when or how it’s done, some heat and noise from the charger is normal. And while some third party options may be compatible, we strongly suggest only using the Blix charger. It should never take longer than 5 hours to prepare for your next adventure.

Blix bikes are built to last and that goes for the batteries as well. All models leverage a 48 volt, 14 Ah current lithium battery and with one alone, you have access to 45 miles of range per charge. It’s important to note that with extended use and heavy cargo, even the strongest batteries can begin to fade. If you’re following the tips above and are still experiencing decreased performance, our support team is happy to talk at (855) 655 2549. Stay strong and ride on.