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March 12, 2021

This life is yours to keep; make the most of it and experience everything. Take on the day with the intention to see more, live better and feel alive with an electric bike.

There are millions of things we do in a day. Brush our teeth, eat, work, sleep, and everything in between. But somehow by 6 o’clock, it can feel like all you did is watch a screen. A Harvard study on cognitive psychology shows that the average American spends about 47% of the day on autopilot, a blurry state of no conscious thought. Supporting the belief that without change, life can quite literally pass you by. Channel more awareness into each moment by taking back control. Pick your speed, route and soundtrack without sacrificing an ounce of convenience. Lean back and feel the wind hit your face, the changing surface beneath your feet and arrive at your destination with a flush in your cheeks. Experience the journey. While driving a car, you’re surrounded by barriers and forced to stay in your lane. Weaving in them will get you a ticket so take your trip to a backroad. Breathe in the fresh scents and hear the music of the leaves as you prepare for your next stop. When you eventually slow down, you’ll have more stories to tell along with a better understanding of your local streets. Any activity can become an adventure with the right mindset. And as each trip out of the house becomes more meaningful, so will your life. Escape traffic, boredom and a sedentary lifestyle with an ebike.

Everyone’s routine could use a good shake. For many, change is nearly synonymous with stress, but good or bad, it’s not going anywhere. Rather than turning your entire routine upside down, take action. Cultivate new memories and a fresh perspective with an ebike. It’s not meant to take over your garage, it’s designed to give you options. A new way to get outside and explore your surroundings. Spend a Sunday on a secluded route carving fresh tracks with a friend. Pick the kids up in the VIP section and stop at the park. You’re guaranteed to see more if you’re looking for it. A morning sunrise, a pack of wild turkeys or just the other side of your neighborhood, the view is up to you. Expand your horizon and the potential of each day by making time for unplanned fun. The things you see and people you meet along the way will highlight the promise of the unknown.

We’ve been locked inside, unable to see loved ones or even go to the movies for over a year. It’s been a wild ride, yet when we sit down it can still feel like there is nothing to talk about. Bring something new to the table and park it right beside you. Don’t just adjust to the change, lean into it. Experience more by opening your mind to a new way of travel. Race your partner to the mailbox or sneak out for a night ride. Let the day wash over you by getting outside and using your body to serve the mind. With features like pedal assist and a throttle, the level of excursion and power of your legs is entirely up to you. Pick up the pace, play with the gears and just hold on while experiencing each step of the way.

Sunrise, sunset and 24 hours of time are the parameters of each day. Everything in between is up to you. Experience more with an ebike.