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Connect With What Matters

March 12, 2021

Connection is everything. It drives our understanding of the world and determines where we land in it. Through the lens of social media, we’re more connected than ever before, but it’s years like 2020 that remind us of what really matters. Come back to the present and reconnect with what you need using the power of your own two feet.

The term "self-care" was coined by the medical community in the 1950s. And while the practice has evolved over time, the grounding principle remains the same. Building in me-time and allowing your mind to wander without direction is crucial for mental health. It can be as simple as three deep breaths or as elaborate as a ride along the river. Either way, you’ll be a better person for yourself and those around you by allowing your mind the time to do exactly what it wants, rest. The perfect recipe of me-time can change on the hour, by the hour everyday. Anticipate this shift by affording yourself another method of escape with an ebike. Turning what would normally be considered a workout into a leisurely solo adventure, ebikes empower you to explore at your own pace. Unwind from a long day with a ride under the stars or connect with a friend on a backroad. In order to combat a distraction-packed society, we must seek silence, space and freedom. And by moving your body to release your mind, you’ll experience a heightened form of alone time. It will be easier to carve out time to wander, relax and recharge with an ebike.

The benefits of fresh air and exercise go hand in hand, yet millions of Americans spend the majority of their day inside, with their feet up. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average person spends only 7% of their entire life outdoors. That leaves 93% to be spent behind walls, in the car and away from natural light. Your body craves the nutrients sourced from fresh air and supplementing it with pills or orange juice doesn’t cut it. The act of stepping outside for a walk or a ride takes a matter of seconds. It’s the choice to move that can take decades. Some struggle with mobility, others may be hesitant to fail, but each one of us could use more minutes outside. Ebikes provide a gateway into an active life, no matter what’s holding you back. The approach, timeline and end results are completely up to you. As long as the battery is charged, you’ll have the freedom to ride as hard or as long as you’d like (within reason, of course). Don’t climb the hill if you don’t want to. There is plenty of land to cover so find a routine that you can enjoy and maintain. Like everything, practice makes perfect and your body will naturally adjust (and enjoy) the new movement.

At this point, we’re pretty used to change. Seasons, styles, appropriate greetings, and the evolution of technology have conditioned us to expect it. But one thing we couldn’t have prepared for is the inability to see family and friends, having to stand six feet apart with masks, and being in and out of lockdown for over a year. When we needed loved ones the most, we were encouraged to be alone. This past year shined a light on many things and underlining it all is the power and necessity of physical connection. We need a dance partner in the rain, a vault for embarrassing video calls, and someone to listen to our woes at the end of the day. Spending time with people we care about shouldn’t be taxing or unsafe. Make it easy by taking the plan outside. Grab a friend and climb the hill that's always made you curious. Show a loved one your home town without the distraction of traffic or the barrier of a windshield. Prioritize your bonds and support them with unplanned adventures, star gazing night rides and slow Sunday mornings. Biking is an activity everyone can share and enjoy. Age, level of mobility and even endurance have nothing on an instant throttle and steady pedal assist. Pack a lunch, forget your phone and spend the entire day with someone you love.

There are a lot more than seven wonders in the world. We live in an ecosystem that is humming with life and all we have to do is open our eyes. Move with the world versus through it and experience the passing day. Feel the wind hit your skin and listen to the chorus of birds in the sky. Welcome the rain and look for shapes in the clouds. Getting out of the house with no intention but to explore will remind you of what you’re missing out on behind closed doors. The simple act of moving your feet will release mood-boosting endorphins and trigger a brand new perspective. While riding, you’re forced to look up. Between the blossoming flowers and unexpected wildlife, you’ll hardly notice the miles racking up on your LCD screen. Join the magic of golden hour and experience the simpler side of life. Whether you’re in your own backyard or navigating a new town, pumping your feet will draw your attention back to the moment. The world is our playground; don’t waste time watching it through the window.

Forge deeper, more authentic connections by tapping into what matters most, your connection with the world. How you see it, the feelings it sparks and the people you share it with determine everything. Pick a soundtrack, find a scenic route and ride to abetter tomorrow with the ones you love. No destination (or parking spot) is needed.