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Getting To Know Your LCD Screen

January 27, 2021

When the wind is crisp and the hour is golden, time slows down. Your mind belongs in the moment, which is why we implemented a tool that will keep you on course. Trust Blix to measure your success with the advanced LCD screen.

An electric bike is defined by its motor, but that is far from the only advantage of integrated technology. You’ll have access to a visual display of your battery level and overarching status. Push the limits of your endurance by leveraging the knowledge placed right in front of you.


Feed your appetite for adventure without sacrificing peace of mind. Intentionally placed at the top of the screen, the energy bar provides a constant visual of how much charge remains. As your battery levels drop, the lines will decrease from left to right signifying how much “juice” you have left. For optimal battery life, keep the level between 20% and 80% at all times. If you're riding the dual battery Packa, the b1 and b2 icons reflect which battery you are currently using.


Each ride can be personalized by changing the level of pedal assist. Watch your speed increase as you adjust your level from 1 to 5 with the handlebar buttons. Cruise comfortably through the streets on PAS 4 or challenge the strength of your legs by riding on 0 with no support.

Walk Mode

Slow down without stopping by utilizing walk mode. This feature allows you to navigate your environment as you choose. Hop off when you run into a friend or walk up your driveway at a slower pace. By activating an average walking speed, you’ll be free to adjust your take.


Whether you’re riding at dawn or under the stars, it’s always nice to have additional guidance. The Aveny, Packa, and Vika+ models have integrated front and rear LED lights that can be turned on and off by simply holding the Up button for 2-3 seconds. Powering on the LED head and tail lights will also illuminate the display for easier viewing at night or on cloudy days.


Your progress is always in sight for a reason. Visualize your goals and watch them come to life on screen. Utilize Trip A and B features to identify faster routes or distinguish leisurely miles against exercise. The built-in track record is designed to be a source of motivation as well as a helpful reminder for routine maintenance.

Don’t let technology detract from the moment, rather use it as a lever to enhance the world around you. Match each route to your mood and allow your mind to wander with you.