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Electrified Exploration: The best way to explore your city

January 12, 2018

See something interesting? Smell something delicious? Why not stop by and take a look? That's the beauty of commuting on electric bikes! 

Try a new place every day! With an electric bike, the world is your oyster. Changing up your usual route when driving to work could add on anywhere between 10-60 minutes to your total trip time. That's why when you do find the fasts route you tend to stick to it. That's no fun though, not to mention it gets old quick!

Cycling gives you more freedom and more importantly more control over your journey. “If you’re waiting for a bus or stuck in traffic, you don’t have that same level of control,” said Dr. Oliver Smith, the author of the study, which was published in The Journal of Transport and Health. “For many bike commuters, it’s one of the few times of the workday when we have control over what we’re doing.”

Now add theBlixto your bike and you have even more control and endless capabilities. You won't have to wake up earlier to factor in a shower and change of clothes at the office. No need to pedal harder to make up for the time you spent investigating that new craft coffee house and lost track of time. 

Whether your commute takes you through a beautiful up and coming art district like Wynwood Walls in Miami or a foodie hotspot like SOMA in San Francisco, get on your ebike and explore the city at your own pace. Test out a new route, stop for breakfast snack on the way to work and check out a new neighborhood on your way home. See your city in a whole new way, on two wheels! 

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