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How to Properly Lock Your Bike

August 24, 2017

You have a nice bike, and you intend to keep it! Follow these helpful tips to deter thieves and secure your steed.

Where to lock your bike outside

Lock in a busy, well-lit place. Foot traffic and security cameras are additional deterrents to thieves. There is safety in numbers: lock up in places with many bikes. There will be others with poor locking technique, and thieves are mostly opportunists that will take easy targets.

Avoid locking where it is obvious you will be gone for long. For example, avoid locking in front of a movie theater and walking right in, instead lock in front of the cafe down the block.

Always look for well-anchored bike racks, poles or solid metal fences that allow you to lock your frame. Avoid locking to chain link fences, poorly secured poles, or poles without a top where the lock can be lifted over and off.

What to lock With


Cables should only be used as a secondary deterrent to secure wheels and accessories, as they are easily cut with smaller hand tools.


How to lock the bike


Just locking the frame to the bar is acceptable for short periods of time in low risk areas. 

If You'll be gone for a longer period of time, or just like to be cautious, loop a cable through both wheels and then use a U-lock or Link lock to lock frame to the bar.  

  • Get as tight of a fit as possible, as this reduces would-be thieves’ tool angles and ability to pry or force locks.

Wrap the Link lock around the battery and the frame.

With the link lock around the battery and rack, include the front wheel with a cable. 
  • For frames without a full front triangle (such as Komfort Prima and Vika+), lock the frame at the rear triangle.

Definitely do not do this with quick release tires under any circumstances !

  • Never lock your front wheel only, a thief can take everything else!

Use a cable to lock the back wheel onto the frame and a U-Lock or Link Lock to include the front wheel and frame. 

  • When possible, lock the front wheel as well as the frame.

Slip the cable through the holes in the helmet to secure it. 

  • When parking for an extended period of time, use two locks or a cable to secure both wheels, as well as accessories staying with the bike such as helmet and bags. Also, consider taking your battery with you.
  • If you have removable/rechargeable lights, do not leave them on the bike.
  • Avoid leaving bikes locked overnight in all but the most low-risk places.
  • When bike lockers are an option, they can be a great alternative to on-street parking.

Securing your bike at home

If you live in a high-risk area or just want to play it safe, lock your bike to itself in your garage. You can even purchase lock anchors that mount into concrete to lock your bike in the garage. Also, consider bringing the bike in the house (folding bikes are great for small spaces).

Avoid leaving your bike in the yard/on the porch. With or without a lock, someone could swipe it as it is predictably in the same place.