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A Guide to Riding in the Rain

March 16, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, most ebikes are safe to get wet and ride in the rain. Here are a few tips to use for your next rainy ride.

Use the right accessories

To ride safely and efficiently, make sure your bike is stocked with the proper accessories. We recommend using fenders on your bike wheels to keep your clothes and bike dry. Ebikes are safe to get wet, but fenders will ensure you and the battery don’t get drenched.

If you’re using the front or large basket, you may want to consider a cover to keep your belongings dry. Check out this easy option on Amazon.

woman and kids on packa

Dress warm and waterproof

We always recommend checking the weather before you head out because if there’s a chance of rain, you want to be prepared with the proper clothing. After all, the worst thing about riding in the rain can be how quickly your clothes get soaked.

Pack a lightweight waterproof jacket and some gloves to stay warm. We recommend avoiding cotton, as rain soaks through this fabric faster.

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Be visible

While riding in the rain, you want to be prepared for lower visibility. Also, consider putting headlights and tail lights on your bike to ensure other cars and pedestrians on the road can see you.

riding in fog

Ride safely

Taking caution while riding is important when it’s wet on the roads. Give some extra time to break early, be aware of your throttle and pedal assist while taking turns, and watch out for larger puddles, as they could make the road slippery.

Now that you have some tips don’t let a rainy spring or summer day stop you from commuting or riding with the family. Do you have any more tips for riding in the rain? Join our Facebook owners group, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.