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Tips for Getting Kids Comfortable on Ebikes

October 17, 2022

Ebikes are great because they provide the power to turn any ride into a family affair. With a few extra considerations, your child can accompany you on leisurely cruises or an afternoon running errands. To help you out, we’ve put together five tips for how to get kids comfortable on your ebike.

5 Tips for Getting Kids Comfortable on Ebikes

They may not have training wheels, but ebikes are often considered a safer ride for children. They can support heavier accessories and equipment, like child seats. Pedal assist options (PAS) also make it easier for cyclists to bring kids along for the ride. A less fatigued cyclist ensures a safer ride, after all.

Before the Packa, Ultra, or Dubbel become your child’s new favorite way to get around, consider the following tips to ensure the most comfortable ride for you and your child(ren).

mom with kids on bike

1. Practice riding with a load

If you’re worried about how an ebike ride will feel for a child, hit the rewind button and think about how it will feel for you. Before the maiden voyage with your kid, test how the bike feels when hauling an equivalent weight.

If you’ve got a Packa, the Blix VIP and Rear Rack Cushion can be loaded with groceries or sporting equipment—before human cargo. Alternatively, consider attaching the Blix Platform to your rear rack and using it to haul beach chairs or a cooler so that you can familiarize yourself with riding with cargo.

2. Style for safety

Before you bring the kids on board, ensure you’ve accessorized your bike with everything needed for a safe ride.

The Blix accessory range is designed for safe and supportive riding, especially when pint-sized cargo is involved. The Ultra Rear Rack and Mini VIP Section are the Ultra’s solution for transporting children, and it pairs perfectly with the Thule Yepp child safe or the comfortable Rear Rack Cushion.

To keep wandering feet safe and secure, we have mesh rear wheel guards for the Ultra, Dubbel, and Packa. For an even more comfortable ride, the Packa is compatible with the Blix Running Boards, bamboo decks that provide a place for feet to rest during rides.

Don’t forget a helmet, either.

dad with kid on bike

3. Take it for a test ride

Once you have cargo practice and the right accessories under your belt, take your ebike out for a test ride with your kid. Go around the block or do a lap at the local park, ideally some place that your child is familiar with.

Before you get going, explain what will happen when you start pedaling and how the motor will provide some additional power. Perhaps choose a word or signal that can be used if the ride feels too fast.

Don’t hesitate to keep the first couple of rides relatively short so your child can gradually grow more accustomed to the bike's feel.

4. Start slow

Once you and your passenger feel more comfortable, you can have them in tow for more of your regular rides. Take things slow and exercise extra caution when taking turns or navigating busy, car-trafficked roads. There’s no such thing as too many safety precautions.

5. Double-check brakes and tires

Before each ride, check the tires are properly inflated, and the brakes are working as they should. A quick safety check can provide peace of mind for every ride.

mom putting helmet on kidWoman riding a Blix Packa Electric Cargo Bike with 2 children and a wheel guard.

Ebikes are Better when Shared

When safety is a priority, an ebike can provide an enjoyable way for families to spend time together. Each ride can introduce a child to the benefits of cycling and spending time outside. If you and your bike buddy have enjoyed getting from A-to-B on your Blix, let the community know by sharing your story. We love hearing from people of all ages.