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The Secret To San Francisco

February 02, 2021

Sharing anything with someone you love is special, but when Bonnie landed at SFO, Whitney knew this trip would be different. She’d only lived in the city for a few months, but after just a week with her mother, it finally felt like home.

San Francisco is known for its beauty and historic landmarks, but most importantly, its steep rolling hills. Eager to showcase every inch, Whitney enlisted a modern form of transportation. “My mom and I have both cycled for years so I knew she’d feel comfortable on an ebike.” The humming cable lines and sweeping bridges provided the perfect backdrop for the duo’s adventure. “I prefer speed but my mom prefers pictures. There were a few times I didn’t even realize she stopped because I was experiencing so much.” An eight-hour flight from London did nothing to diminish Bonnie’s energy, but Whitney was glad she had a little assistance on the hills. “I never went higher than pedal assist one, but it was nice to have it on hand.” 

"I wanted us to have the freedom to move with the city versus through it."

This trip had no agenda or checklist, rather the pair simply wanted to explore and enjoy the city together. Few things are stronger than the bond between a mother and daughter, but with Bonnie based in London, quality time was hard to come by. Settling into the salty-air and window shopping along the Embarcadero was the perfect pastime for two people who were looking to catch up. “My mom and I don’t like to be locked into a certain agenda. I wanted us to have the freedom to move with the city versus through it.” The miles flew by as Whitney shared her new backyard with Bonnie. And somewhere in between the Presidio’s changing colors and the Richmond's wide streets, Bonnie realized why her daughter fell in love with San Francisco.

Bags were packed, hugs were exchanged, and both parted ways knowing that the city had been experienced and the time together was quality.